Essential Galley Products

G&H Aerospace continue to support essential galley products for both Commercial and Military markets. We design and manufacture Hot Jug Units, oven and cart drawers in addition to our production of hot cup units.

Should you require your unique galley parts, our design team will be happy to assist. Small component or reverse engineered (PMA) parts can also be provided by our team. No project is too small but the results must be prefect!

Hot Jugs

Our Hot Jugs come in heated or a combination unit hot and/or cold. These units fit easily in the current galley inserts of most aircraft. These are produced for commercial, military and VIP aircraft.

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galley cold or hot jugs aviation

Hot Cups

Our UL approved Hot Cups hold 37 oz. fluid and warm or boil depending on the part number. We also have 115 Volt and 24 volt units to support VIP and larger aircraft applications.

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airplane galley hot cup

Drawers and Oven Trays

Cart drawers and Oven trays can be provided to complete your galley needs.

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airplane galley drawers and oven trays